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I have forgotten my Student Number or Password

Please read over the suggestions below. If you continue to have difficulty entering the site, please contact Student Services at or dial 1-800-435-5338.

General Information

To protect the privacy of our students, everyone must register for eServicing before they will be allowed to login to their student records. This is done ONE TIME only and is our way of validating your identity.

Registering for eService the first time

Click on "Student Login" and then click on "Register Me for eService." Enter your student number, name and address EXACTLY as it appears in our records. A letter, mailing label, or other piece of mail from us may help you with this. You must enter a valid email address. You then enter your choice of password and click the Register button.

I receive one of the following errors:

The student information entered does NOT match exactly our records at SCI. Verify the information!

Your name, address and student number must match our records EXACTLY. Again, compare your information against a letter or mailing label that we have sent you. Enter the address WITHOUT periods, commas, or other punctuation. Do we have your address on one line or two? If our records show you as, "Arthur A. Smith" and you type Art Smith, the error will occur.

When you enter the password, make sure that both Password and Confirmation are entered exactly the same. Passwords are case sensitive and must be at least 6 characters long (10 Max).

You must enter your password twice to be sure you have typed it correctly. Is it too short or too long?

Please enter your information in ALL required fields! No data was found in EMAIL !

Any fields on the form which are marked with an asterisk (*) MUST be filled out. The only exception permitted is for international students (outside the U.S.A. and Canada) who will not have a Postal Code. It is important that we have your real and valid email address on file, so that we can send your examination results.

The student number entered is already registered for eService at SCI. Verify the information!

You have already successfully registered. Future visits require only a login, using your Student Number and password. If you think that someone else has registered in your place, contact Student Services immediately at or dial 1-800-435-5338.

Why do you want my email address?

When you submit an examination online, we send the results to the email address we have on file for you. Ground mail is no longer used when exams are submitted via the web. Additionally, if you forget your password, we will send the correct password to the same mailbox. Stratford does not sell or distribute the email addresses of our students to any other parties. If you do not have an email address, you can obtain one for free at or at

When trying to send an exam, I am told to login again.

Problem: You login successfully, but accessing any "student-only" features sends you back to the login screen.

Solution #1: This usually occurs when your web browser has cookies disabled. The SCI website knows that you are logged in by checking for the presence of a cookie (small text file) on your computer. When you log out, we erase the cookie. Internet Explorer users can re-enable cookies in the Tools, Internet Options menu. Netscape users will find the setting under Edit, Preferences, Advanced.

Solution #2: Some users will connect successfully if they uncheck the "Remember Me" box and enter their student number and password again. On the next visit, you can put a check mark in "Remember Me" again and we will remember your ID.