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Small Engine Repair

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Small Engine Repair Course Tuition
Price : $1,049.00
Minimum Down Payment :
Monthly Payment :

Tuition Payment Options

Stratford Career Institute's pricing is simple. Our all-inclusive tuition fee includes everything you need to graduate.

You have two convenient payment options available to you:
A single payment of $1049.00 by check, money order, or credit card.
Down Payment: $5.00
Number of Monthly Payments: 27
Monthly Payment Amount: $38.67

Or Design Your Own Monthly Payment Plan!

During the enrollment process, you can use our Easy Payment Calculator to design a monthly payment plan that works best for you! Use the minimum payment amounts above as a starting point, or pay more if your budget allows.

Small Engine Repair Course

"I am currently enrolled in your Small Engine Repair course so that I may learn how to maintain my equipment without having the delays of taking my machinery to a repair facility. Thank you for your help with my career and I look forward to continuing taking courses through your organization.

Robert S.

"I succeeded in repairing my own lawn mower thanks to the knowledge gained from this program."

- Edward D.

"Taking this program has helped me increase my income by 30%."

- Paul Z.

"I haven't had to pay for repairs to equipment for my lawn care company since I began the program."

- Edward B.