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Pet Groomer - New Course!

Distance Learning Course Summary
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Pet Groomer - New Course!

If you love animals and enjoy helping them to look and feel their best, a career in pet grooming could be for you!

If you have a pet, then you already know the importance of making sure they are kept clean and healthy. A well-trained pet groomer can be an essential person in helping to keep your furry family members looking their best.

From learning about different breeds to understanding particular grooming tactics and trends, Stratford's course covers a wide range of topics to help you gain the knowledge you need for success.

Whether you want to learn more about pet grooming for your own pets or have an interest in working toward a new career, Stratford’s fun and detailed course can help you get started.

Basic Dog Grooming Concepts
•Grooming Body Styles
•The Bath and Brush
•Head Styles
•Ear Styles
•Feet Styles
•Tail Styles

Dog Grooming by Breed Part 1

•Canine Anatomy
•Tools and Equipment
•Nail Clipping
•Carding and Hand-Stripping
•Bathing and Drying Directions per Coat Type
•Sporting Group
•Hound Group
•Working Group

Dog Grooming by Breed Part 2
•Terrier Group
•Toy Group
•Non-Sporting Group
•Herding Group
•Miscellaneous Group
•Classic Pet Poodle Styles
•Drop Coat Styles

Starting a Dog Business

•Getting Started
•Legalities and Liabilities
•Rates and Policies
•Building Staff
Pet Grooming Program