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Affordable Tuition Options with Stratford Career Institute

At Stratford, we understand that education is important, but that finding the funds to further your education can be difficult. That is why compared to similar schools, our tuition prices are among some of the most affordable.

All-Inclusive Tuition
Sick of hidden fees? High interest rates? Shipping charges? Us too! When you enroll with Stratford, the tuition price you see, is the tuition price you get. Everything you need to complete your studies is included in the tuition price. Shipping is free. Monthly payment plans are interest-free. Our online student center, eService, is available at no extra charge.

Low Down Payment
The majority of our courses can be started with a low down payment of just $10 or $20. That is all you need to put down to get access to your first module!

Monthly Payment Plans with 0% Interest
Stratford offers 0% interest monthly payment plans on every single one of our courses. This gives students the options to “pay-as-you-go” and graduate without incurring debt.

Free Online Student Center & Free Shipping
Depending on the digital study options available for your course, any program related materials are either available in our online student center, eService, or shipped to you at no extra charge.

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