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Career Education with Stratford Career Institute

What is Career Education?
Career education courses generally allow students to focus their education on one particular career field. It is sometimes referred to as vocational education or career training.

What are the Benefits of Career Education and Training? Why is Career Training For Me?

Practical Curriculum
Career focused education programs allow the student to focus on the one career field in which they are most interested in learning about. The curriculum generally includes content that is directly related to that area of study and focuses on
fundamental theory and usable skills.

Enhance Your Current Skills or Learn New Ones
Some people choose to participate in career training in the field in which they already work as a way to stay current and improve their skills. Others use career training as a first step in learning about a new career field.

Convenience of Distance Learning
Distance learning courses have become an increasingly popular and convenient way to participate in career training education. The ability to study at home can allow for ideal learning situations that are more conducive to each student as an individual rather than teaching to a group. With no set class schedule, students can study and take exams when it is most convenient for them. This often means minimal disruptions to your current schedule.

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