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Forensic Science

Distance Learning Course Summary
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Forensic Science

This exciting and in-depth course can introduce you to the critical techniques and procedures involved in a number of careers in forensic science.

Students will learn about collecting and analyzing various types of criminal evidence as well as better understand the important role science plays in today’s criminal investigations.

Before you spend your hard earned money on expensive forensic science schools, let Stratford first help you learn the fundamentals and determine if careers in forensic science are for you!
Introduction to Forensic Science
• Types, Properties, and Testing of Physical Evidence
• Introduction to Firearms and Ballistics
• Introduction to Fingerprints, Hair, and DNA Profiling
• Building a Solid Scientific Foundation
• Basic Chemistry, Physics, Electricity, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Math for Forensic Science

• Investigating the Crime Scene
• Investigating and Processing Physical Evidence
• Physical Properties: Forensic Characterization of Soil
• The Microscope and Forensic Identification of Hair and Fibers
• Forensic Analysis of Glass
• Fingerprints
• Questioned Documents
• Firearms

More Concepts in Criminalistics
• Forensic Determination of Metals and Gunshot Residue
• Arson
• Drugs of Abuse
• Forensic Toxicology
• Biological Fluids
• DNA Typing
• Computer Forensics, Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism
• Explosives
• Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction

Crime Scene Investigation Part 1
• Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation
• The CSI Effect
• Ethics in Crime Scene Investigations
• Duties of the First Responder to the Crime Scene
• Specialized Personnel and Safety Considerations
• Methodical Approach to Processing the Crime Scene
• The Forensic Laboratory

Crime Scene Investigation Part 2
• Fingerprint Evidence
• Trace Evidence
• Blood and Biological Evidence
• Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
• Impression Evidence
• Firearms and Ballistic Evidence
• Drug Evidence
• Digital Evidence
• Death Investigation
• Arson and Explosive Investigation
• Special Scene Considerations

This program is specifically designed to serve as an introduction to the theory and methodology of forensic science. It is intended to help individuals in the exploration of forensic science as a career field. Additional training, certification and/or licensing may be prerequisite conditions to employment, as required by law.

We take great pride in providing you with the most up-to-date textbooks and equipment. One or more of the above-mentioned subjects may, therefore, change if updating becomes necessary during the course of your studies. The order in which the course material is presented may vary.
Forensic Science Program

"This course has opened my eyes to the many disciplines involved in forensic science. I am delighted to have taken this class."

Charles L.