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Gunsmith - New Course!

Distance Learning Course Summary
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Gunsmith - New Course!

With Stratford's convenient and affordable gunsmith home study program, you can gain fundamental knowledge to help you work toward a career in gunsmithing or to help you with your hobby.

You might find a lot of gunsmith training information online, but know that when you study with Stratford, the knowledge and information provided to you is authentic.

We took great care to put together a top quality, comprehensive course designed to benefit the gunsmith beginner, but that can also provide helpful information to individuals with more advanced gunsmith knowledge.

Stratford's home study gunsmith course allows you the flexibility to learn when YOU have time. In addition, you can get access to your first module with just a low down payment. Enroll Today!
Self Defense Firearms
Why Custom Gunsmithing?
Workspace, Tools and Machinery
Simple Gunsmithing Projects
Service Pistols: Glocks, SIG, S&W M&P
Gunsmithing the S&W Revolver
Setting Up and Using the Ransom Rest
Building the H-S Precision Rifle
Scope Mounting
Rifle Cleaning

Pistols & Revolvers

Specialty Tools for Pistolsmithing
Workspace Design and Organization
Drilling, Cutting, and Removing Metal
How Pistols and Revolvers Work and How To Troubleshoot Them
Gun Cleaning
Advanced Tools
Post-Repair Testing
Welding and Joining Metal
Magazines: Choosing, Maintaining, and Customizing
Sights and Sighting Technology
Grips and Grip Customization
Timing and Tuning
Basic Pistolsmithing Projects
Gunsmithing Mistakes and Solutions


Introduction and Requirements for Rifle Gunsmithing
Trigger Work
Scope Mounting
Barrels: Cleaning, Selection, and Installation
Cleaning the Action
Cryo and Fire-Lapping
Wood Repair and Refinishing
Metal Finishing
Accuracy Testing
Recoil Reduction
Glass Bedding
Installing Slings, Rails and Suppressors
Building a Scout Rifle
Gunsmithing tips to improve your hunting and long-range rifles
Gunsmithing the Lever-Action Rifle

Starting a Gunsmithing Business
Business Plans
Business Structures
Sole Proprietorships
LLC Structures
Funding Sources
Future Proofing Your Finances
Budgeting, Cash Flow, Taxation
Creating and Marketing Your Brand
Building Brand Loyalty
Marketing and Personal Branding
Customer Service
Customer Retention, Hiring, Outsourcing
Gunsmith Program