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Student Integrity Policy

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Student Integrity Policy

As a Stratford student, you are permitted to seek instructional assistance from sources outside of the school. However, you are expected to submit original work at all times. Knowingly submitting work that originated from another person is considered an act of plagiarism and will result in a grade of zero.

The responses to exam questions are expected to be your own. Obtaining assistance from someone to complete an exam, or take an exam on your behalf, is considered cheating and is strictly prohibited.

If two or more students are found to have collaborated in the submission of exams and/or graded assignments, all participants will receive grades of zero for the exam in question.

Violators of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include program suspension. Repeat violations may result in expulsion from the school without compensation.

Student Conduct

Stratford’s staff and faculty strive to maintain an optimal level of communication between students and the school. Any and all forms of verbal or physical abuse are strictly prohibited. Violations may result in expulsion from the school without compensation. Should you require clarification of this policy or any other aspect of your studies, please contact our Student Services Department at 1-800-435-5338.